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                                                Newsletter - May 2011


Dear Piping Enthusiast,

So here we are - it's time to put the talking into action and let the judges decide - cries of "is it that time already" and "why didn't we practice more" are now too late. But those who have had a disciplined approach during the close season will hopefully get their just rewards. Well what's been happening in our bagpipe shop? - a lot as usual. We have now reached the stage of having a waiting list for bags. Sales are booming which is great, with another 19 just finished but we have plenty of raw materials in stock so no need for any real panic. It's great to be doing a lot for Scottish Power -as well as Boghall. They are two of the rising stars of the Scottish scene and potential candidates for a top finish. It is going to take a lot to push the likes of SFU, SLOT and the Field Marshall off the top spots but these bands have now got what it would take. I am privileged with having a global customer base and that enables me to take a global view of piping. Piping is alive and well in many of the traditional piping countries outside of Scotland like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA but watch out for some new rising stars - it wouldn't surprise me to see a Grade 1 band from Germany within the next 5 years and the same could be said of the potential from within Holland. It's all very encouraging!

Yours aye,

James C. Begg




We have a variety of used pipes in stock in a good price range of 400-500 as well

as our new hand made sets starting at 680. There is a set marked Henderson for 400

and a MacCallum at 500. We also have a full ivory Lawrie with engraved German silver

antique slides. Delivery is swift and you can customise any way you like -silver, bag size,

cover colour -you name it and we can do it.


Had an interesting 3/4 march composed for me by my pal P/M Willie Cochrane. He has a bit of a wicked sense of humour and so I don't know if this march is aimed at me directly or has been inspired by all the shenanigans of the Royal Wedding. Hope you can read the music on the Newsletter - if not, drop us an email and I will post a copy to you.






A-Z of Piping - a Personal View by James C. Begg


J is for Jogged and Jolted


My memory has been jogged and jolted by looking at a few past issues of the Piping Times which I selected completely at random - I looked at January 1985 and September 1992 and what a change in piping since these days! The first thing that amazed me was the number of piping retailers who are no more. Adverts and the general attitude and tone have also changed and the scary thing is that it all seems to me like yesterday. Grants whisky advertised in support of the College of Piping - the Scotway Group promoted the Glasgow City Chambers Lord Provost competition -I was starting off in my first shop in Robertson St -pipe bags were 25 -tapes and not cds were the norm -the famous Seamus MacNeill was on good form - it all forms great memories. We are in fact one of the few retailers left from that era - H MacPhersons/Gillanders and MacLeod/ R.G Hardie/Henderson/Kintails have all gone. Other vanishing acts are Paterson Publications and the angled chanter stock (what was that about - just as well that disappeared!) - Macintosh, piob mhor and the bold Mr R Wallace had adverts too (Rab, did you ever imagine back then that one day you might be the editor of the Piping Times?). It is sad to see some aspects of our history disappear but that's life and other things will take their place. Glad to say we going strong and always here to be of service.


Online Special Offer - Big Bore Blowpipe


Reduced this month to only 41.67 (plus vat if applicable).

3/8" bore. Sturdy, replaceable built in valve. Turned from solid delrin for durable construction. Includes oval mouthpiece. Standard mouthpiece thread diameter, so your own mouthpiece can fit the blowpipe.

The length of a blowpipe is taken from the mount to the tip. The length does not include the tenon(the hemped part). Available from 7-13 inches length.

Free delivery worldwide.


If you would like to report on any aspect of the Piping World from
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