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                                                Newsletter - September 2011


Dear Piping Enthusiast,    


Well, we are all piped out - Piping Live! and The Worlds have been and gone and they were both a great success. It was hard work from everyone involved but well worth it since it was all in the best interests of piping and pipe bands. Fully refreshed after a short break to Royal Deeside, I was feeling on good form at the street cafe outside the Piping Centre and subsequently at our workshops later in the week. I played a couple of tunes on the Tuesday at the street cafe and asked Edward Seaman and Colin Greaves to appear for me - this they duly did with great music and comical banter. This was just the type of atmosphere I like - serious and light-hearted at the same time. Our workshops, where Gordon Cameron and I demonstrated our skills in bag making and wood turning, were well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy them - the wine and nibbles no doubt helped. Stjepan Veckovic, a Croatian piper, performed an impromptu tune on his Croatian pipes and this was also well received.


Yours aye,

James C. Begg




We have a section on our website which contains some of the nice comments we have received from our customers and normally we wouldn't talk about them in our newsletter - it would sound too much like blowing our own trumpet or pipe!  However, we can't let this one go quietly due to the stature of the person who recently made it:


"This is the best sheepskin bag I have ever had. It is comfortable and a bespoke fit. My pipes are going so much better and the high A is superb - I am now far more confident with my pipes and tone."


Capt (rtd) Stuart D. Samson MBE


Former Director of Army Piping; Champion Solo Piper; Instructor at the National Piping Centre teaching on the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD) BA Scottish Music - Piping Degree



Just before Piping Live! I managed to fit in a mini-break to the lovely tranquil village of Ballater on Royal Deeside in the Highlands of Scotland. Although I was too early for the famous Braemar Gathering, I did hear the Ballater Pipe Band perform admirably - see pic. The Queen was also in residence at Balmoral Castle, ably guarded by The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 5th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland - it's a much better gig than Afghanistan!


Congratulations to Field Marshall Montgomery on winning the coveted Grade 1 World Championship 2011. They are a firm believer in Begg Bags and have just completed a Grand Slam of the major championships with a win at Cowal - what a performance all season long!

A-Z of Piping - a Personal View by James C. Begg


N is for NEUROTIC!

Piping can be tricky and frustrating at times and we can often get neurotic over the smallest, minute detail - it can take over your whole psyche if you are not careful and ruin the enjoyment of playing. It can even get so bad that you think you can hardly play at all. It can be a throw on the d or a birl that gets to you most of all or perhaps a crunluath that isn't quite as good as the way Donald Macpherson would execute it. Sooner or later, we all get caught up in it. It could be a bagpipe issue too - bag not comfortable or the chanter isn't quite right or maybe even both together. I'm trying to make this light-hearted and even funny but it happens all the time and when you are heading for the neurotic stage, it is far from amusing. The answer perhaps is to try and not get too stressed out. Look objectively and study what's wrong - playing too fast is often a cause for concern so slow it down for a decent length of time. One week is not enough. Get some advice - a listener can hear things that you may be oblivious to you. Ask your teacher or someone with great experience - Begg Bagpipes, with 31 years behind us, can usually analyse and sort issue(s) out pretty quickly. One small change can often make all the difference. So start with some self analysis and copy the playing of someone you admire, but don't overdo the copying and become a robotic clone. We all can't be eminent Glenfiddich pipers or even want to aspire to that level but it is important to be content with your playing and performance. We need to please ourselves first and others thereafter. Avoid the N word at all costs!


Special Offer - Stuart Samson's new book Stuart Samson has a new book out and it is a real cracker. There clearly has been a significant effort put in, with some great compositions and tunes of varying degrees of difficulty to suit all standards of players. It also includes some great pictures from his time in the military and from his involvement in the Edinburgh Tattoo. Don't miss out on this one and click on the photo - we have a special price of 15 plus free postage world-wide.






If you would like to report on any aspect of the Piping World from wherever you live, we'd be pleased to hear from you. mailto:bill@beggbagpipes.com



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