Bagpiper Case

Bagpiper Case

Bagpiper Case (Code: 15WGB3) £90.00  + VAT @ £18.00

The Bagpiper Company design and manufacture original premium cases for the modern piper.

As pipers, we understand the true value a great set of bagpipes mean to the player and how important it is to store them safely. Just how bad is that feeling when something goes wrong with your pipes... a corner off a reed, cracked stock...? If you have a great set of pipes then Bagpiper are proud to offer high quality sophisticated premium pipes cases, modern and fashionable to securely store your pipes, anywhere - anytime. We don't like to see Bagpipes getting hurt.

Heavy Duty Canvas Sides with Foam and Board Walls and Base, Rubber Feet and Fur Lining

Exterior and Interior Zipped Pockets, Drink Bottle Holder & Mobile Phone Holder

Velcro Carry Handles and Shoulder Strap with Velcro Shoulder Pad

10 x 'D rings' for Multiple Carry Positions

Designed to fit All Types, Shapes and Sizes of Pipe Bags

Pipe Chanter Protection Tube

Great for Travel and Easy to Carry

Interior Dimensions:- 600mm (23.5") x 210mm (8.25") x 180mm (7")

Exterior Dimensions:- 650mm (25.5") x 260mm (10.25") x 210mm (8.25")