Technochanter 2G

Technochanter (Code: techno) £245.83  + VAT @ £49.17
Technochanter - slightly longer than pencil chanter -still extremely portable,headphones - runs off watch batteries with 50 hrs playing time - with drones and all the different keys like Deger. An excellent piece of kit and worth upgrade from pencil version if budget allows

The Technochanter will soon be discontinued. For a limited period it will be available for any outstanding orders. Available for pre-order now is its replacement: the Technochanter 2nd generation (2G). It is a big upgrade on the original Technochanter, being closer to the Technopipe in performance. Its features include: - drone sound - GHB and SSP sound (Technopipe has better resolution) - metronome - MIDI interface (Cable sold separately.) - pitch alterable (smaller range that the Technopipe) Not as advanced as the Technopipe, but much more capable than the old Technochanter.