Seasoning - Microwaveable easy to use

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The seasoning is poured inside the bag to keep it airtight and has moisture absorbing qualities. Also now in a microwaveable bottle that is quicker and cleaner than the famous and much loved metal tin and also keeps the seasoning better over time. 2 to 3 tins required to season a new bag over a period of the first 4 months. Don't pour the whole bottle of seasoning in at one time -a little on a regular basis is best. Use tissue or cloth to get any drips as you pour the seasoning into the chanter stock -double check all 4 corks are in the stocks just before pouring as its not nice having a warm, gooey feeling trickling down your leg -trust me it's not -please do not use wine corks.

Price stated is for 1 tin of seasoning.

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