Canning Drone Reed

Canning Drone Reed (Code: canningreed) £75.00  + VAT @ £15.00

Plastic drone reeds -Made by Ryan Canning of the Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band. These reeds are very mellow and sweet and come with a fibre-carbon tongue. They also have a small allen key to adjust them if required. They generally need no alteration and start first time.


  • Moisture absorbent, cotton based tufnol body.
  • Tenor & bass reeds have different style tongues to produce the finest harmonics & balance.
  • Setscrew in detachable nose-cone to allow easy & quick adjustments to pitch.
  • Easy to start and stop. No roaring bass or squealing tenors.
  • Extensively tested in a variety of bagpipes and set-ups.

P/M Ian MacLellan BEM needs no introductions. He was appointed as Pipe Major of the Strathclyde Police Pipe Band in 1972 and turned the band into one of the most revered and respected pipe bands in history. With Ian at the helm, the band won 12 World Championships titles. The 6 World Pipe Band Championships won in successive years (1981-1986), remains unequalled to this day.

Here's what he had to say about Canning Drone Reeds:

'What a sound, first class. No problems with having to fiddle about with them. They went straight away and the balance with the chanter is excellent, especially the bass drone. You're onto a winner!'

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